Policies & Procedures


Guidelines & Procedures for Rensselaer Conference Services

1.0 Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

The Rensselaer Conference Services manages auxilliary, parking and trnasportation for University Life, reserves meeting and programming space, and provides event planning and conference services for the University, University sponsored clients, and all other clients over the age of 18. Rensselaer Conference Services office can be reached at (518) 276-6123.

2.0 Access

2.1 Event and Conference Access

Entrance  at residence halls and some academic or recreational facilities is valid only with an access ID card that is provided when checking in. Fees for lost keys and ID cards are applicable.

3.0 Room Reservation Procedures

3.1 Authority

Reservations must be arranged by a person authorized to make financial contracts for the requesting organization. Billing arrangements must be clearly determined prior to confirmation of any reservation.

3.2 Cancellations

Notice of cancellation must be received in writing by email to ocs@lists.rpi.edu or by fax to 518-276-2790. If cancellation notice is not received by the time indicated above, cancellation fees will apply. Cancellations must be made in writing at least 10 days prior to the event. If no cancellation notification has been received the organization will be assessed 100% of the room rental costs. Cancellation fees are calculated as a percentage of the total.

3.3 Quick Turnarounds

Last-minute reservations can be made through e-mail at ocs@lists.rpi.edu, phone (518)-276-6123 or (518)276-2018, or in-person at the Rensselaer Conference Services office. Reservations are limited to available space.

3.4 Confirmation

Unless there is an unforeseen emergency, the event is confirmed once the confirmation is received by the client.

3.5 Rights Reserved

Rensselaer Conference Services reserves the right to refuse and/or cancel any reservation at any time for any reason and will make every effort to locate an alternate space.

3.6 Fees

Organizations are responsible for all room, media and other fees associated with the space reserved.

3.7 Liability

Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute cannot accept reservations for minors (under the age of 18) unless the minor child is chaparoned by an authorized / approved adult.

Rensselaer does not assume any liability for articles that are stolen, misplaced or left on University property.


4.1 Food

All food service will be provided through Rensselaer.  All terms and conditions of such service are as published in the Rensselaer catering brochure.

4.2 Alcohol Policy at Rensselaer

The University restricts the use of alcoholic beverages in campus facilities.

All organizations serving alcoholic beverages must state that on the reservation form.

  • Consuming alcohol under the age of 21 is prohibited.
  • Providing or selling alcohol to persons under the age of 21 is prohibited.
  • Misrepresenting your age to receive alcohol is prohibited.
  • The unlawful manufacture, distribution, dispensing, possession or use of alcohol is prohibited on RPI property.
  • Consumption of alcoholic beverages on campus is only permitted to those of the age of 21 in the privacy of their own residence or areas where alcohol is allowed by a permit.
  • One must obtain a permit from the Alcohol Review Committee (of the Student health Services) to serve alcohol at an event occurring on Institute grounds.

 4.3 Animals

Animals are not permitted on campus unles classified as Service Animals and approved in advance. 

4.4 Tobacco Use


To ensure that all Rensselaer facilities and properties are tobacco-free in an effort to provide Rensselaer’s faculty, staff, students and visitors with a healthy, respectful working and learning environment. This policy applies to all students, employees, including faculty and staff, visitors, vendors, and members of the President’s Cabinet.


Tobacco Use: The act of using any tobacco product in any Institute facility or outdoor area, including, chewing tobacco, smokeless tobacco, electronic cigarettes (that involve the use of tobacco and tobacco products) and the act of smoking or carrying a lighted cigar, cigarette, pipe or any other smoking material or device.

Institute Facilities: Any facility or property that is owned, leased, used or occupied by Rensselaer, including but not limited to: private offices, lounges, dining areas, recreational facilities, residence halls, storage areas, service shops, garages, tunnels, sidewalks, facilities operations areas, athletic facilities, all institute vehicles (owned or leased), and personally owned and rented vehicles when used to transport Rensselaer faculty, staff or students on any Institute-related business, academic or student life activities.

Outdoor Areas: Any Institute outdoor area that is open to access by the public or campus community, including but not limited to parking lots, sidewalks, athletic fields, lawn areas and any Institute facility entrance or egress.


The preponderance of evidence and the trends reflected in that evidence all indicate that tobacco use, smoking and exposure to second-hand tobacco smoke are significant health hazards. Under the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Guidelines, secondhand smoke is a Group A carcinogen (cancer-causing agent), known to cause heart disease, cancer, respiratory issues and irritation of the eyes and nose.

In keeping with Rensselaer’s desire to protect the health of its faculty, staff, students, visitors, other campus constituencies, and the public in general, it is Rensselaer’s policy to provide a tobacco-free environment in all Institute facilities and outdoor areas in full conformance with applicable statues including the New York State Clean Indoor Air Act (Public Health Law Article 13-E) and Section 31-40(s) of the Connecticut General Statutes.

It is also the policy of Rensselaer to prohibit the sale of tobacco products on campus

4.5 Vehicles

Skateboards, skates and cycles are not permitted in the building. (Cycle racks are provided at vantage points outside buildings convenience and security.)

4.6 Parking

 All lots on Rensselaer’s campus require a valid parking permit.  Lots are enforced Monday through Friday from 8:00am to 5:00pm. Conference/Special Event rates are: $7.00 for a day pass or a $35.00 for a week pass and $55 for the duration of your conference.

4.7 Safety

Event organizers may be asked to attend a public safety briefing if the program falls under the Guidelines Regarding Protest and Dissent or because of potential crowding or safety issues.

4.8 Banners

No banners, posters or other hangings are allowed on the public walls or the exterior of the building unless authorized by Kimmel Operations.

4.9 Balloons

Balloons filled with helium, confetti, and silly strings are prohibited.

4.10 Solicitation

Soliciting of any kind is strictly prohibited.

4.11 Fire

Guest are not allowed to have any candles, incense and similar open-flame producing items within our residence halls.